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Why FCA for me by Rolfe Pearce, Carer Recruitment Co-ordinator

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I can remember when I first thought of becoming a foster carer, and thinking that because I had no experience of bringing up children that nobody would accept me.

I applied to the Local Authority and went along to a “death by PowerPoint” presentation where you were not allowed to ask questions. The presenter just read from the screen and seemed to want to get away from the meeting as fast as possible.

How refreshing was it then to apply via phone to FCA, leave a message and then someone called me back the same day.

The next day a supervising social worker on their rounds dropped in to say hello and to start the process of answering all the questions I had.

The day after, the local fostering service manager came out to see me to help fill out the application form, it was tricky but we got it done.

The very next week a Form F assessor arrived on the doorstep happy to start the assessment process, a couple of months later we were approved.

For eight years we were looked after and supported by the Stafford office team and they did a wonderful job, always there when we needed them, always supportive at times of concern and crisis.

I am proud to be asked to lead the Recruitment Team to understand the hard work that goes into making that journey, not just good but exceptional.

What we do

The Start Team work hard every day call after call, day in day out, to persuade potential carers that FCA is the right agency, and while nothing is ever perfect I am proud of the work they deliver every day on behalf of the rest of the business.

The carer recruitment officers who travel to the four corners of the country, each day, out of hours, weekends, through endless traffic and roadworks to answer those all important questions, to encourage, to support, to persuade. Their work is not easy or straight forward, but they work hard to deliver into assessment a continual flow of PFCs.

You may not see for yourselves the work that the Start Team and the carer recruitment officers deliver on a daily basis, but the Recruitment Team are focussed daily on delivering what we need, more carers.

Vulnerable children are at the core of what we do, and will remain so, as we drive to improve our recruitment service to the business as a whole.

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