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Busting Common Myths Around Transferring Foster Agency

Transferring might be easier than you think. In this guide, we’ll be busting the common myths about transferring; from misconceptions around finances and process, to transferring agencies with a child already in your care.

July 28 2022 - 4 min read

As an experienced foster parent, there is already a lot to think about, with priority rightly being on providing love and support for a young person in your care. Add in the prospect of transferring agency, and it can all seem a little too much to consider.

However, transferring might be easier than you think. With FCA, our friendly team will make it as straightforward as possible every step of the way.

In this guide, we’ll share the common myths about transferring; from misconceptions around finances and processes to transferring agencies with a child already in your care.

Let’s bust some of those myths below around transferring foster agencies…

5 Myths Around Transferring Foster Agency

women reading about common myths about transferring Foster Agency

“The transfer process will be difficult and take too long”

The good news is that it’s easier than you might think to transfer foster agencies. As an experienced foster parent, we know you are committed to changing the lives of young people that desperately need a safe and loving home. That’s why we’ll fast track your application to transfer to us, aiming to complete the process within 12 weeks of your initial enquiry subject to being approved at panel.

Our streamlined process makes everything as simple as possible, so you can enjoy being part of FCA’s fostering community and all its benefits in no time at all.

“It will harm me financially if I move”

We know that finances aren’t why you go into fostering, but it’s important that you are rewarded for your hard work and commitment. When you transfer to FCA, we’ll aim to match your current foster allowance for each child already in your care so there will be no financial detriment to you and your family for transferring. We’ll work with the local authority to make sure the move happens as smoothly and quickly as possible without a loss of income during the process.

When transferring, you may in fact receive additional benefits and rewards. At FCA, we offer one of the most competitive reward packages out there; with regular bonus payments each year, annual events, gifts and experiences, along with an additional appreciation bonus each year rising in line with the length of service with us.

“I won’t be able to transfer with the children I’m currently fostering”

With a detailed plan in place to ensure the child’s welfare, you can absolutely transfer to another fostering agency with an existing child in your care. Once you’ve decided on a new agency that’s right for you, you’ll just need to let the local authority/and your current agency know so that a meeting can be held between all parties to determine what course of action is best for the child.

This is known as a Transfer Protocol Meeting, which is held with the child’s placing local authority within 28 days of receiving your notice of intent to transfer fostering agencies. This meeting will explore any potential impact on the child, with additional support planned to ensure minimal disruption.

“I won’t be able to transfer from a local authority to an independent agency”

Of course. You are well within your rights to transfer to an independent agency. Local authorities just want to ensure the best outcomes for children and young people, and here at FCA we have excellent relationships with our local authority partners where we work closely to ensure children are matched with high quality foster parents like you.

“I need to resign from my current agency first”

No, you only need to notify your currency agency or local authority when you are serious about transferring to a new one. However, even then this is not a resignation. You formally resign once you’ve been reviewed by Panel and had your approval, and the new contract will start the day your old one ends.

Transferring Foster Agency Guide


Find out more about how to transfer to FCA. Download our free guide to gain an insight into the process and benefits of making the switch.

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