Respite fostering

Respite Foster Care

Respite foster parents care for a child on a very short term basis; anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Could you become a respite parent?

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What is respite fostering?

Respite foster care provides an essential break to other foster parents or birth families on a short-term basis. As a respite foster carer, you allow a family to benefit from a well-earned rest by caring for their foster children for a short period, usually lasting between a couple of days up to a week - often at weekends or during school holidays.

On occasion, a plan may be in place for regular ongoing respite, where you care for the same child every few weeks.

Respite fostering is always planned with the foster child's best interests, and we will work with you and the local authority to make the most appropriate arrangements for everyone.

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Benefits of respite fostering

As well as the knowledge that you are helping a foster parent or birth family, there are many other benefits that respite foster care can offer including;

  • Providing support for foster families who are experiencing high levels of stress and therefore who need a short break.
  • Every foster parent is different and has different skill sets and qualities. By introducing respite foster parents into a child or young person's life it gives the chance for new experiences on a short-term basis.
  • Enabling foster parents the opportunity to recharge. 

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How to become a Respite foster parent

There is always demand for respite parents and their work is essential in ensuring fostering placements last. Much like our full-time foster parents, full training and support is given to our respite parents to enable them to support and care for those in need of a break.

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Respite fostering payments

We pay our respite foster parents a generous fostering allowance. The fostering payments are designed to reward a foster parent for their hard work but also enable you to fully provide for the child in your care - such as food, toiletries and activities. 

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Other types of fostering

From helping a young person with the transition from residential care to providing a foster child with a caring family environment for several years, we have many foster parenting options available.

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