Race and religion in fostering

Fostering and religion and race

At FCA, we believe it’s your enthusiastic approach and genuine desire for making a positive and lasting difference to the lives of children and young people that makes you a great foster parent. That’s why we encourage and recruit potential foster carers people from all races, ethnicities and religions to apply.

Race and religion - focus on foster children

We focus on children and young people

We try to match, as closely as possible, children and young people with a foster family of the same culture, ethnic background or religious background. We believe this will help to give children in care the stable environment and security they need in a foster home which practices the same cultural or religious beliefs as them, as well as a sense of familiarity. This also helps you support their needs whether that be dietary requirements, observance of religious or cultural holidays or attending religious ceremonies.

Transferring Fostering Process

Differing religious or cultural beliefs

We know there will be times when it isn’t always possible to place a child or young person in a foster home with the same cultural or religious beliefs. At FCA we provide support and training that will help you understand and meet the specific needs of the children in your care, even when the child's religious beliefs, ethnicity or culture is different from your own. Before deciding if you are going to have a child in your care with different religious or cultural beliefs than your own, having an open and honest discussion with your social worker will help. Your social worker can tell you about the child or young person’s needs and how this will need to be accommodated and, as a foster parent, you can decide if it will cause any issues. Above all, the main priority is to maintain a positive fostering relationship where the child or young person feels safe and accepted.

We welcome enquiries regardless of what religion you practice – it really is about your individual abilities. If you can transform the life of a child or young person and be a positive role model, we want to hear from you.

Championing equality and diversity

We truly champion equality and diversity in everything we do and never discriminate based on gender, relationship status, age or race.

FCA is an independent fostering agency that is part of Polaris, a community of specialist fostering companies. We’re an inclusive fostering agency fully committed to equality and diversity in every single aspect of our work. We can’t stress this enough: we welcome applications from anyone and everyone who believes they can play a part in supporting and developing a vulnerable child or young person.

Your application will be treated in exactly the same way we treat everyone else’s, and you’ll have exactly the same access to our support, training and services. The only thing we’re interested in is your empathy, patience and ability to provide a safe and caring home to vulnerable children or young people. That’s all that matters to the children we look after too.

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