Sanctuary seeking children

Fostering for sanctuary-seeking children

Fostering sanctuary-seeking children can be extremely rewarding, as you provide them with a safe, stable home environment that they so desperately need.

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asylum seeking fostering

What is sanctuary-seeking fostering?

At FCA we have a strong history of working with sanctuary-seeking children from many countries and religious backgrounds. We believe that giving these unaccompanied children and young people a stable and secure foster home is a more positive alternative to a residential unit or supported accommodation. Fostering will also give them the best possible opportunity to live within and be part of a new community in the UK.

As a foster parent, you can give these children in care the safety they need to start adjusting to their new country, and begin to overcome an often traumatic past.

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Curious about fostering unaccompanied asylum-seeking children? Here are some frequently asked questions to give you a little more understanding.

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Support and training

As an FCA foster parent, it’s not just you and the young person in your home. Think of us as an extended team; there for you, 24/7, whenever you need us, whatever your question. All our support, guidance and expertise are available to help you.

We’ll equip you with specialist training to help you support children seeking asylum. For example, you’ll receive information about current legislation and their legal status, an understanding of the experiences they may have had, and how you can meet their practical and emotional needs.

Foster carers with FCA receive frequent visits and contact from a dedicated and qualified social worker, together with ongoing training, a financial allowance, access to carer support groups and organised family activities.

Helping a refugee child already in your care

If you already or plan in the future to provide care for a child seeking asylum, then we’ve put together a range of different country informational guides that will help carers to understand their child’s home country and culture to help them feel more at home.

Download the different guides below so you can start learning more about their culture.

Afghanistan   Eritrea   Kurdistan

Poland   Romani   Vietnam 

Meet our foster parents...

Find out more from our FCA foster parents who specialise in fostering unaccompanied children who have come from a different country after being separated from their family, arriving in the UK alone or with just their siblings.

They share what it's like to provide a safe home and integration of cultures to provide the best opportunity for the young people in their care so they can live within and be part of a new community in the UK.

“Fostering an asylum seeking young man was the best thing I ever did. He’s like my son.”

Meet foster parent Sara from Sheffield as she talks about her experience of fostering a refugee young person, and the support she received from FCA.

"Having fostered an unaccompanied asylum seeker myself, I can honestly say that it was one of my most rewarding placements. Yes there are fears because they come with nothing; no papers, no proof of age, only their own story, you are living with a stranger, but remember so are they. I feel very strongly about advocating on behalf of asylum seekers, and always take time to understand their trauma."

Clare, FCA Foster Parent

Benefits of working with FCA

24/7 advice service

Excellent ongoing training

Access to your local fostering team

Competitive payments

Local support groups

Local social activities and events

foster child experienced trauma

Simple Guide:Trauma in Foster Children

In foster care, many of the children are healing from childhood trauma that involved being abused or neglected. However, it’s extremely rewarding to help troubled children try to conquer their battles and come out the other side stronger.

Find out more about how to foster a child with trauma.

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Other types of fostering

From helping a young person with the transition from residential care to providing a foster child with a caring family environment for several years, we have many foster parenting options available.

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