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How to transfer fostering agency

If you’re looking for an agency with unrivalled levels of support, a thriving foster community and over 25 years’ experience, look no further.

Transfer to us

How easy is it to change foster agencies?

Transferring to FCA is easier than you might think, you’ll have our dedicated team with you every step of the way. Your application will be fast-tracked, making the whole process quick and easy. We always fast-track experienced foster families through the assessment process - aiming to complete it within just 12 weeks of your initial enquiry.

Meet our Operations Director, Neil Morris to discover the fantastic benefits of transferring to FCA. 

The transferring fostering process

  1. Book a confidential call so we can give you all the information you need to help you decide if we’re the right agency for you.
  2. Once you’ve made the decision to transfer to FCA, you’ll need to contact your current agency or local authority to let them know you plan to move on.
  3. You’ll be introduced to your social worker who’ll conduct your assessment, looking at your skills, qualities and experience gained through fostering.
  4. It’s time to meet the team! You’ll be invited to a preparatory training course where you can meet FCA members and other foster parents too.
  5. An independent panel will make a recommendation to our agency decision-maker based on your assessment. Once successful, you’ll be an approved FCA foster parent.

You’re never alone with FCA. We’ll be on hand every step of the way to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.

Transferring to FCA is quick and easy. Simply request a confidential call with us today.

Fast track your application to join FCA today...

All you need to do to get started is to book a time which suits you, and our dedicated recruitment officer will give you a call for a confidential chat to discuss everything you need to know about transferring to FCA.

No pressure, just a friendly chat offering open and honest advice and support about the transfer process.

Remember, when you transfer to FCA you’ll receive:

  • Excellent allowances, loyalty bonuses & rewards
  • Regular placement opportunities
  • A family-feel, inclusive community
  • Access to a dedicated, stable support network
“When we switched over to FCA it was an easy process and we felt so supported. FCA are first class in comparison to other fostering routes I have been with, I would highly recommend people to foster with FCA. For those considering it, just give it a go! Don’t give up when it gets tough, it is such a rewarding thing to do with your life if you persevere.”

Delia and Franz Cox, FCA Foster Parents 

When you transfer to FCA you will receive:

A dedicated social worker

You’ll have a dedicated supervising social worker who is your main point of contact. You’ll meet regularly to monitor progress, answer any queries and help you develop your skills.

24/7 Support

Our unique Team Parenting® model of support that forms a close-knit team of professionals around you and your foster child.

Excellent training and development

We are committed to providing high-quality training that is accessible and relevant to all of our foster parents.

Highly competitive fostering allowances

On average, our foster parents receive £487 per child, per week.

Education Support

We provide educational support to help to keep your foster child in school and achieving the best they can.

Therapy Service

Our therapists will help you understand your foster child so that you can find ways of responding to their needs that will make all the difference to them.

A thriving foster parent community

Regular support groups, fun social activities for all the family and access to The Exchange, our online forum.

Children Participation Services

We really do get children and young people to share their ideas and feedback on what really matters to them. They are also there help your foster child access the very best career opportunities. We are proud to have local participation services that actively engages our children and young people.

Regular Placement Opportunities

Being one of the largest and most reputable agencies mean our services are in high demand across the country. So it won’t be long before you’ll have a child in your care as and when you are ready for them.

Can I transfer if I already foster a child with another agency?

Yes, you can, however, the transfer protocols are slightly different if you already have a child in your care. We will work with you, your current foster agency and the local authority to determine if it’s in the child’s best interests to transfer fostering agency. Some of the things that will be considered are:

  • How the child’s care plan would continue to operate under a new agency.
  • How the child could be affected by transferring fostering agency.
  • What the child could potentially lose and gain e.g., support, relationships, activities.
  • How FCA would provide the specific care and support for the child.

Transfer to FCA

How transferring works

The process of transferring with a foster child

Once you’ve decided FCA is right for you, you’ll need to let the local authority and your current agency know you intend to transfer fostering agency. Within 28 days, the child’s independent reviewing officer will hold a meeting involving all relevant parties to discuss the intended transfer and determine what course of action is best for the child. If you get the green light to transfer, our fostering panel will review your suitability and make a recommendation to be approved as a FCA foster parent.

Transfer protocols

Transferring from local authority to independent fostering agency

You are well within your rights to transfer to an independent agency. Local authorities just want to ensure the best outcomes for children and young people, and here at FCA we have excellent relationships with our local authority partners where we work closely to ensure children are matched with high quality foster parents like you.

Transferring to an independent, like FCA means you'll enjoy a sense of involvement that comes from joining a stable and long-established agency with unrivalled resources, which equally treats you as an individual with tailored wrap-around services to you.

Here are the key differences between agency v local authority to help you decide what’s best for you.

Transferring Foster Agency Guide

Download our Transfer Guide

Download the FCA’s guide to transferring foster agencies. Find out more on how to transfer to a different fostering agency and the process involved.


Exclusive Refer-a-Friend Scheme

When you foster with FCA, you can receive up to £3,000 for every family you recommend who goes on to be approved and completes 12 months of fostering.

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