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A Fostering Poem

One of our foster parents from Cymru has got creative and shared a lovely poem about her fostering journey...

August 16 2021 - 3 min read

"I wanted to foster for such a long time,

All I had to do was persuade this hubby of mine,

Drip feeding the idea now and again,

Trying to promote what we could gain,

This went on for quite some time,

Finally started my dream in 2009,

Off to skills to foster we went,

Two long days as a family we spent,

Really happy with how it all went,

No more time persuading was spent,

We were all fully on board I'm pleased to say,

We were soon to be part of team FCA,

Lots of training and support we received,

Being approved by panel we were so pleased,

Not knowing what to expect deep down,

7 years later Dean wears the carer rep crown,

We've opened our hearts and our home,

Some of the children feel scared and alone,

Reaching out for someone to care,

Myself and Dean are always there,

Sometimes carers feel stress and strain,

But hang on in there you've got so much more to gain,

However small a difference you make,

You will never regret the choices you take,

A child you care for has low self - esteem,

But with your support and guidance they can follow their dreams,

We never regret the decision we took,

So ring FCA and take a look."

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