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That Summer thing!

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We are lucky to have such talented and creative  foster carers.  Clare from FCA East Midlands has written a fantastic poem about Summer!

And so it begins, that summer thing

What shall we do? What will it bring?
Days full of dread, what to do instead
Time to fill, not to chill, most carers said

FCA to the rescue, three things to do
Drayton Manor, Achievements and Barbecue
Plenty to choose from, what to pick
Let’s get signed up pretty quick!

Drayton Manor what fun, dodge the rain, enjoy the sun
Happy but tired children, when the day was done
Big rides, little rides, zoo animals and more
Exciting chit chat about the things they saw

Achievements spectacular, awards and medals, even a song!
Carers enjoying the food, kids throwing their shapes, getting along
Sprinkles and sparkles, dancing and games
Achievements recognised with medals and certificates, in beautiful frames

Barbecue and Disco, more games and fun
Sausages, kebabs and burgers in buns
Dancing and posing, doing the conga
Wish the party could have gone on longer!

And there it is done, that whole summer thing
Back to school, to the routine and all that will bring
Finally silence, and a hot cup of tea

Now looking forward to the next activity!

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