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FCA Midlands celebrates the many achievements of their young people

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As the end of the school holidays were drawing near, what could be better than a day out at Drayton Manor Theme Park to celebrate the successes of our young people and sons and daughters. A total of 239 foster parents, staff and young people came together to have fun, celebrate success, make new friendships and for some, experience a theme park for the first time.   Here is a blog written about the day by FCA Midlands Joanne Edwards, Children and Young People Support Service Manager.

All young people received a certificate and voucher as recognition for all of their hard work. Achievements ranged from – learning to ride a bike to securing a place at university. It was a privilege to be part of the team that produced the certificates, as we got to see all of the amazing outcomes, each one a momentous step in the lives of our young people.

At a previous event, one of our young people suggested that myself and the other member of staff who organised the day should have something like a flag attached to us, so we could be spotted easily. As we always like to act on any feedback we receive, we both had purple balloons (to celebrate LGBTI) attached to us all day. Now let me tell you, this was not as easy as it sounds!  Any time there was a breeze, we were either bashed in the head by a balloon or the string wrapped around our necks (the things we do for our young people).  What was surprising was the response we got to this new low-tech tracker system, the kids and foster carers loved it! Many of them said what a great idea it was, leaving positive comments in their feedback. It will be something we continue with, but maybe we need to go back to the drawing board in regards to what we use to be seen next time!

The high point was when we all came together at lunchtime. New friendships were formed, foster parents got the opportunity to catch up with each other and staff had one of those special moments when you just look at everyone together having fun, happy and smiling and think this is what it is all about. How blessed are we to work with such fantastic, inspirational young people and foster parents.

Below is just a taster of some of the feedback we received:

“This was a super day and an introduction to the FCA family for K, who was only recently placed. E had a fab time too. We were absolutely soaked at 6pm, as we managed to get the last ride in. It was super seeing many foster parents and children.”

“Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ from us all for Drayton Manor. We really enjoyed the day and it was lovely to see so many there, both old and new faces. And the social workers – it’s always a pleasure to see you.”

“We had a lovely day on Friday, B and R enjoyed it very much. We always like the opportunity for them to meet with other young people with shared experiences and they love catching up with old friends. It was fab! Thanks for hard work that must go into organising these events!”

“Thanks you for amazing day, is great to see all the staff and the foster parents together; it’s good for both to have fun.  Thanks again for all your hard work.”

“I’ve had the best day ever, can we do it again?”

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