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A poem by a young person placed in Thames Valley, Ian Langley, Registered Manager

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This poem is by one of our children and was written about their foster carers following re-approval. I think it captures the feelings of the children we look after and the hugely significant role that foster carers play in the children and young people’s development and emotional well-being.

You never really understand until it hits you,
How it plays apart in everything you do,
You feel you’re alone
And you don’t feel like you have somewhere to call home.
People try and get it and understand
Try and lend you a helping hand
So many procedures and rules to follow
And the tears you have to hold back and swallow
Hold your head up they say
But it hurts less day by day
You learn they really are there
And there are benefits of being in foster care,
These people they change your life for the good
And they wish they can change the past if they could,
But they help change your life for the path your about to take
Even with the annoying and boring rules they make
You learn it helps in the long run
Even when it’s not as fun,
You need to see the positive,
Because it will show you what they do give,
Getting you back to who you are
And you need to know that you’re not far
From help and support
Think of all the things you have been taught
We get the anger and upset it brings
But just think of all the memorable things
You get to achieve from day to day
And that’s all thanks to your carers and FCA.

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