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Yorks and Lincs Health and Wellbeing Conference Highlights

FCA Yorks and Lincs recently hosted its annual Health and Wellbeing Conference. Registered Manager, Melanie Murphy provided an exciting recap of the day.

June 3 2024 - 3 min read

FCA Yorks and Lincs recently held its annual Health and Wellbeing Conference. Registered Manager, Melanie Murphy shared all the exciting details about this remarkable event.

This has been an annual event since 2019 and is really starting to become an established feature in the Yorks and Lincs events calendar. It is certainly one that I feel very passionate about. The workshops are geared towards health and wellbeing and provide information and tasters of activities that can promote all of our wellbeing. Staff, foster parents, and our young people all take part in the learning and activities, and it is a safe space for our young people to learn and try new things.

In the workshops this year we had a taste of ju-jitsu facilitated by a local ju-jitsu instructor and his pupils and how this can support our confidence and self-esteem; staff from the local NHS trust delivered training on the dangers of vaping; our own Therapy team delivered a workshop on managing our emotions and we made sensory caterpillars to take away; and finally, we had forestry skills where we had the opportunity to wield axes and make fires on the edge of Sherwood forest ! Our young people loved this; the adults had to look away at times.

Judging by the faces and laughter at the end of the day, this was one of those memorable ones.

A comment from one of our Social Workers Alison,

“The kids were fabulous. Highlight of the day for me was the most enormous smile on D’s’ face when he got a move right in the jujitsu”. What can seem like a small achievement can mean so much to those who experience and witness it and its why we love the work that we do.

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