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“Words are never enough. You are quite literally changing lives.”

Care leaver praises foster mum 10 years after leaving her care

March 20 2023 - 4 min read

After a decade of living independently, a former foster child has taken a stroll down memory lane with his foster mum to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Foster mum Helen remembers the day that William, 28 arrived at her home with nothing but a small bag and a bouncy ball, William still has a bouncy ball today nearly 17 years after he entered the care system.

Helen said: “It took a while for William to accept that what he perceived as the norm from when he was at home with his birth family wasn’t the norm.”

William’s entry to the care system took him by surprise as a child of just 11, he said: “I was in trouble a lot as a kid, I remember being called to the headmaster’s office one day; I saw two entirely strange people and my mother.

“In that meeting they said you’re being whisked away into foster care, which was really weird. Terrifying, even. At the time I didn’t understand why, and now I completely do.”

A loving and caring home with Helen and her family provided William with ‘the freedom to discover himself and be a kid’, although it ‘took a little while for him to be able to relax’ after leaving an abusive and traumatic home environment.

William said: “Helen is just amazing, and I can’t thank her enough for everything, but words are never enough. You are quite literally changing lives as a foster parent.”

William said that he always felt like he ‘belonged to Foster Care Associates (FCA), which is why he has become an ambassador for the independent agency, alongside running his digital marketing agency and being a F1000 race driver.

John Platt, managing director at FCA, said: “Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the incredible work that foster mums around the country do for our vulnerable children and young people.

“William and Helen’s story is a beautiful example of the long-lasting effects of great foster care - happy Mother’s Day to all of the mums making a difference today and every day.”

Helen and William are inviting more people to consider fostering this Mother’s Day, Helen said: “Every child matters, every single child matters on this planet, and that’s what it’s about.”

William said: “If you think you can change a child’s life, I implore you to consider a career change to foster care.

“The difference you can make is outstanding, and it’s important to remember that kids in care are just the same as everyone else. We just need to be given a chance.”

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