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Foster brother from Blackburn wins national writing competition

A doting foster brother from Blackburn has won a national story writing competition on ‘What is it like to be part of a fostering family’.

November 25 2016 - 2 min read

A doting foster brother from Blackburn has won a national story writing competition, run by a leading independent fostering agency, on ‘What is it like to be part of a fostering family’.

Eleven-year-old Nathan Donnelly-Shorrock’s story was selected from dozens of entries by Foster Care Associates (FCA) who ran the competition to mark Sons and Daughter’s Month in October.

FCA asked foster carers from all over the UK to submit stories written by their birth children to focus on the important role birth children play within families that foster. Nathan, whose story described the close friendship he has with his foster brother, was awarded first prize for his story and won an Amazon voucher worth £100.

Delighted with receiving first prize for story Nathan describes the first time he met his foster brother.  He said: ‘’I walked in the house and Dad introduced me to the boy in front of me. That was five years ago… today we have had quite a few fostering placements all varying in age – some very young and some a lot older. They come and they go from our lives but he is still here with us.

‘’We play, we fight, we love, we hate, he’s annoying but then I guess so am I. We have some of the same interests and some we don’t but most of all I have a friend.’’

Nathan’s family have been foster carers with FCA for 7 years.  Nathans mum Alison said: ‘’If asked, Nathan will say he does nothing special to help out, but this simply isn’t true. He adapts and accepts every child we foster into our home graciously and welcomes them as part of the family.

‘’We are all so proud of Nathan and all he has achieved. Fostering can be challenging in terms of making time for your birth family and their needs and Nathan has always been very understanding and helpful.

‘’He was so chuffed to have won the award for the Foster Care Associates writing competition and will definitely enter again next year.’’ 

FCA provides ongoing comprehensive support to all foster carers including training, a financial allowance, access to carer support groups and organised family activities – all contributing factors as to why FCA placements are 22% more stable than the national average.

For more information on becoming a foster carer with FCA, and to find out more about forthcoming regional events call 0800 022 4330 or visit

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