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Introducing Filby The Fire Dragon...

We’ve been busy working with award winning author, N.C.Emmett, who has very kindly gifted us an exclusive new book, dedicated to our foster families as part of Foster Care Fortnight™️.

May 15 2024 - 3 min read

MeetFilby The Fire Dragon’

This story is about Filby's journey towards finding his identity and confidence as a fire-breathing dragon.

It is also about the importance of acceptance, celebrating our unique abilities and what makes us special. Filby finds his roar with the support of his brilliant foster family and now he’s aiming for the stars!

As part of Foster Care Fortnight™, we are delighted to be able to send our foster parents a FREE digital copy of the book to share with their children. Whilst the story is primarily aimed at younger children, it maybe something that may come in useful for the future or something that can be shared with other families.

Click here to download your digital copy of "Filby the Fire Dragon"

Watch the video recording

The author has also recorded a reading of the book with subtitles, which can also be translated into other languages for those children and young people whose first language is not English.

[To select your subtitle language: click on the cog > subtitles > Auto-translate > choose the language.]

Are you thinking of fostering?

Download the FCA’s complete beginner’s guide to fostering a child. Find out more on how to foster a child and the process involved.

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