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FCA South Western support charity Baby Basics

FCA South Western hold their annual fundraiser to support charity Baby Basics.

June 14 2022 - 4 min read

FCA South Western hold their annual fundraiser to support charity Baby Basics

FCA South Western have committed to hold an annual fundraiser for Baby Basics. Baby Basics are a volunteer-led charity aimed at supporting new mothers and families who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby.  They donate hundreds of much needed equipment and items each year to women in many different and difficult circumstances.

Every item given away through Baby Basics is donated by someone in the local community and sorted by their team of volunteers. They aim to help new mothers practically and value each and every mother and child by packaging every gift with a high level of care and love.

Baby Basics continues to support our parents and children that we welcome in to our service with bespoke packages, it could be anything from a moses basket full of necessities and some pampering items to prams, cots etc. The packages they receive go with the parent when they enter the community or with the child when they move on in their care plan.

FCA South Western team enjoyed a lovely charity walk starting at our Ivybridge office, taking in the beautiful Dartmoor surroundings. We were successful in raising £175 for Baby Basics. We know that the money will go towards providing much needed baby equipment to parents and their children across the UK.

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