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“Fostering has enriched our lives. To see the children experience new things, and the feedback you get from them is priceless.”

Meet foster parents Phill and Stig who recently celebrated their first year of fostering with FCA Cymru. The couple share their family holiday highlights, and the importance of giving their foster children new enriching experiences.

May 22 2024 - 4 min read

The couple from Mid Glamorgan in Wales, who have been fostering for over a year, first thought about fostering after their own adopted children started to fly the nest.

Both Phill and Stig realised that they still had so much more to give, and with the experience gained from adopting their three boys, they knew that fostering would allow them to provide a safe and loving home for more children.

Over a year ago, they welcomed a sibling group of two boys who were initially placed with the couple on a short-break basis, with this progressing to the couple now caring for the boys long term.

As they celebrate a year of fostering, the couple look back over all the fantastic experiences they’ve provided for the boys.

Stig tells us: “not long after we welcomed the boys into our care, we took them on a trip to London. They had never been outside of Wales before, and the whole experience of being on the train, seeing Buckingham Palace and all the attractions was amazing in their eyes.”

Phill continues: “it’s such an opportunity for them, and it’s so rewarding for us to see them enjoy those moments; like the plane journey for the first flight, the first hotel, the first beach – it’s wonderful.”

“It’s great for them because it’s a journey of education, they learn so much about different cultures and languages. It brings out a curiosity in them. For example, our older boy is now mad about aeroplanes and wants to become a pilot. It’s given him the enthusiasm to pursue his dream - so providing these new experiences could give them a future they never knew they even wanted.”

Phill adds: “fostering is a great opportunity for people to put themselves forward. The best thing about FCA is the support network. It’s all about a journey in what you are comfortable with, it’s important that people know there is back-up."

Stig concluded: “it has enriched our lives, to see them experience new things, and the feedback you are getting from them is priceless.”

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