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My parents put family at the heart of everything they do

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What impact will fostering have on my family? a question that we do get asked a lot, so 25 year old Yasmin from the Isle of Wight gives a real account of what it’s  like when your parents foster.

“I can’t deny that when my parents first started to foster I did find it hard – even though I don’t live with them. We are a very close family and I guess I was jealous to see my parents raising someone else. That being said, over time that feeling has passed and I now have my own family to raise. I can now see what they love about having children around.

Three years later, I don’t really feel that my parents are ‘fostering’ children, I feel we have an extension to our ever growing family.  My children especially have LOVED having the children around, and they have made some very special bonds that I am sure will always stay with them. We have created fantastic memories over the last few years, from holidays, day trips and the kids all just messing around at home…. in all honesty it is the most fun our family has had in a long time (excluding the tough times – but hey don’t we all have those!).

I am more than happy to provide support in any way needed, whether that be just being present and chilling on the sofa with everyone as a family on a cozy Sunday afternoon or trying to offer reassurance after a hard week – for both my parents or the children. Since having my own children I now only work part time, this has given me more flexibility to help and support my parents in the sense of school runs, covering meetings or giving them both five minutes of ‘me time’.

My parents put family at the heart of everything they do and I see no difference with their approach to fostering. We are one giant, crazy-mad, integrated family!”.


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