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Growing up in a fostering household

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Growing up in a fostering household Lauren had already gained a wealth of fostering knowledge and experience. In 2019 she followed in her parents footsteps and became a foster parent with FCA too.

“My parents waited until my brother and I were older before beginning to foster.  I lived with my parents for four years while they were fostering full time before moving out.  I moved out in my second/third year of university but I would be home again at the weekends, so it was more of a low transition for everyone. But as my parents support person I would always be there each week to support them or work alongside them when needed.

As I was older when my parents started fostering, I really enjoyed the experience as there was then four adults in the house to help look after a child or young person. Depending on the needs of each child or young person we could support each other and work together, and if we had a hard day someone else could take over while the other was able to have some time to themselves”.

Fostering with us

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