Need to Make a Complaint?

Never be afraid to speak out loud. If there is something that you’re unhappy about, then we want to hear it.

How to make a complaint 

If you feel unhappy about something related to your foster parents or FCA it is important to voice your concern. You may want to consider making a complaint.

Don’t worry about making a complaint to FCA, it is your right and you won’t get into trouble. We like to hear your concerns and complaints as this helps us to improve our services for young people.

Sometimes it can be difficult living in a foster family and there can be misunderstandings, difficulties and problems. Talking about why you are angry or upset can help sort things out.

You may be unhappy about things such as:

  • Feeling as though you are being treated unfairly, or wrong decisions being made
  • The rules of your home
  • Not being listened to
  • Problems at school

If there is anything you feel unhappy about, please do tell either:

  • Foster parent(s)
  • Social worker
  • Teacher
  • Friend
  • Advocate
  • Support worker
“I was scared of making a complaint about my carer until I heard about the children’s rights service. They listened to me and explained my rights and now with their help I am doing something to sort out my problems. You need to ask for help!”

Complaint Form

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