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Being a part of FCA is like having extended family and friends

Why choose FCA?  Read why foster parent Adele choose FCA .

October 6 2020 - 2 min read

Meet Adele from FCA Midlands who since a young age has always wanted to be able to give foster children a chance at being part of family life. Adele shares her story.

It is just my nature to welcome, help and care for children and young people and have wanted to foster. I had a fair idea of the impact fostering can have on families and friendships. My family were concerned about how my children would be affected. I spent a long time having extensive talks with my own children, family and friends, discussing fostering at great lengths. It wasn’t a decision that was made lightly.

After reading the values of FCA I felt they were the company for us. I talked with other foster parents already with FCA and was really encouraged and impressed by the support they received from the team members, social workers and support staff. There is also great training opportunities both online and face to face and whilst, you won’t find all the answers, it will definitely give you a great head start and insight. There are regular support groups which is a chance to meet with other foster carers and families who too can provide great reassurance. The monthly newsletters are informative, updating you on any events happening and regional news. We have a dedicated number which means help or advice is only ever a phone call away.

I have a young person who has been with us for 16 months now. When my eldest moves out I will also be available for short term fostering, emergency, sibling and respite placements. FCA puts a lot of consideration into which children and young people are matched with families.

My fostering experience so far has been both worthwhile and challenging in so many ways. I have discovered strength I didn’t know my children and I have, and the most genuine happiness at the simplest things. Seeing my young person achieve for themselves and recognise and accept that achievement. Seeing them with a genuine smile, like there is no care in the world. Small steps, huge pleasures! It has been the most rewarding time for me.

Fostering isn’t without its challenges. Finding the balance between birth and foster children and young people can be difficult at times, it is sometimes a case of trial and error. Finding a way to communicate with all involved is crucial. As a single carer I have felt unsure of myself multiple times, but together we find solutions to any problems that arise.

If you are thinking about fostering talk to other foster parents, read stories and blogs to help you become more informed. Be prepared to learn about life through many different eyes. It isn’t about a child or young person fitting into your family, you grow into each other together. Know what you want to achieve and why and most of all be patient.

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