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Young person grows from strength to strength climbing Ben Nevis and Snowdon.

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South East foster carer tells us there isn’t a mountain high enough for young person KF.


When KF came to live with us 19 months ago, she had not done much exercise, she struggled to walk into town which was a 10 minute walk. In a attempt to encourage her to spend more time outdoors, we would walk the dogs together (KF on her scooter) and listen to music together to help motivate her to enjoy spending time outdoors. Shortly after we bought her a bike which at first she found hard to ride and before we knew it she started cycling between 1-18 miles at a time, going down hills, climbing hills and gaining a real strive to keep improving her fitness.

The First Peak

KF first showed interests in reaching mountain peaks when she asked us about a holiday we had with our birth children before we became foster carers. We told her how we attempted to climb Mount Snowdon and failed as we took the wrong route. Instantly this ignited something in her and she asked if we could do it. So we planned her first holiday with us to Wales. She was determined to climb to the top so she could tell our birth children she had made it to the peak at 1085 meters high. It was real sweat and tears for the first half of Snowdon, but knowing we had faith that she could accomplish it, she ploughed through each step and made it to the top with great excitement asking “What can we climb next?”.


The Second Peak

So we planned a holiday in August to Scotland as KF had her heart and mind set on accomplishing another peak. Ben Nevis was much harder and taller standing at 1345 meters high, but with determination, commitment and will power KF reached the peak of Ben Nevis. She makes us so proud to see how much she has grown since coming to us, seeing her focused and determined through the toughest of times.  Her next holiday plan is to climb Scafell Pike, in the lake district, so she can say she’s completed the three peaks.

She talks about her future and wanting to climb higher mountains, even Everest one day. She knows she can accomplish anything she puts her mind too.



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