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Young people interview potential social worker candidates

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We are always looking to improve our recruitment practices in order to recruit the best candidates.  So we are delighted that three young people were invited to join an interview panel, tasked with the job of helping to recruit a social worker to be part of our FCA Yorks and Lincs Leeds team.

The young people were asked to imagine that the potential candidate might become their foster carers’ social worker in the future. This helped make an assessment of each candidate. All of our foster carers have a social worker who will be their main point of contact and offer support, advice and guidance when needed.

Two potential candidates were interviewed. Both candidates provided very different answers to the questions, really giving the young people something to think about when evaluating their answers. One candidate even managed to throw the interview panel off by asking them a question. This was even commented on by one of the candidates, who said she had never been interviewed by young people before and their interview was scarier than the adult interview!

The interview panel met to discuss both candidates and who they felt had the best skills and therefore should be offered the job. A huge well done to our young people for their professionalism throughout the day.

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FCA are continually looking for talented individuals to join our social worker teams, interested in helping to make a positive and lasting difference to people’s lives begin your search today 

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