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As an existing FCA carer you can utilise a number of portals and tools to access support.

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Welcoming a child at Christmas, a poem from one of our carers

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One of our carers, Julie, from Cymru North has written a touching poem about welcoming a child into your home at Christmas.

It’s that time of year where Christmas is near,
We are busy and excited and full of cheer,
To a child in care this can bring mystery and fears,
To this child they will show loss and shed a good few tears.
When decorating your tree and taking delight at what you see,
Just take a moment to think of what the effect on them might be,
To them your customs and traditions can be really strange,
To them it can be too much to deal with and above their emotional range.
You can help build trust and reassure that they are not alone,

And know there is support for you at the end of a phone,
So open your heart and never forget, you can make a difference and have no regret,
Just providing a place that is supportive, clean and warm,
And to be beside this child and keeping them safe from further harm.

Don’t delay, contact FCA to find out how you can make a difference to a child’s life. Call 01527 810436 or enquire here https://www.thefca.co.uk/contact/.

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