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We knew 100% we wanted fostering to be part of our family life

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Meet Sarah who with her partner has fostered with FCA for 14 years.

“We have always known about fostering as my partner’s family fostered. I had looked at becoming a childminder after leaving my job in finance, but for us fostering seemed like the obvious choice. It was my mum who found out about FCA and rang them to ask them to contact me. I had a chat with the friendly fostering advisor who answered the questions I had and after further discussion with my partner we knew 100% we wanted fostering to be part of our family life”.

Despite having a very busy household with five children, Sarah specialises in parent and child fostering, where a young parent, usually a mother and baby, comes to stay with you at a time when they need extra support. A foster home can equip them with the extra parental support they may need.

If you are thinking about fostering Sarah’s advice is “go in with an open mind, ask lots of questions and speak to other foster carers about their experiences. It’s not the easiest job but there is support available if you ask for it. For us FCA has been brilliant, they focus on the foster carers and child and are honest and upfront. Our supervising social worker is on hand to offer guidance and advice and we have a really good working relationship with her”.

“What’s my best fostering moment? For me it has to be when a young mum and her baby were able to return home with renewed confidence and life skills, knowing I had supported and facilitated to make that happen was the greatest feeling”.

Parent and Child placements are identified as ‘Specialist placements’ and are underpinned by the Team Parenting model of support. Working with local authorities we provide safe environments for the parent (s) and their children. Such placements may be required to carry out an assessment on behalf of the local authority to support decisions about a child’s longer-term plans. This may not necessarily result in a child remaining with their parents, but with the advice, guidance and support provided by our foster carers and a multidisciplinary team of experts, we give parents the opportunity to learn parenting skills in a natural family environment and give them the best chance of developing a positive relationship.

If you are interested in making the difference Sarah and her family have, get in touch we would love to talk to you about fostering.

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