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“I thought it would be like living with all my other carers – short-term and anti-social. Turns out I was wrong.”

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I have been in foster care for four and a half years but it was when I was placed with my current foster carer three years ago that my future finally started to look bright. At first I thought it would just be the same as living with all my other carers, short term and anti-social. However, it turned out that I was wrong. It felt like I had known her for ages and I have learned a lot from her. I have real stable rules and boundaries and I always feel safe when I sleep at night.

When I started my new school with my new fresh start, I never used to take it seriously because in my view there was no point anyway. I never expected to achieve anything so I skipped the majority of my lessons until I reached Year 11 and it came as a sharp shock that if I carried on with this frame of mind I would fail all my exams. So with a change of attitude and an amazing amount of encouragement and very hard work, I learned that it is never too late to try your best and I passed with flying colours. Now education to me is highly important.

The best part of being in care is constantly feeling safe. When I first came I was so overwhelmed to have real food and cleaning facilities such as showers. The best part about it is that there are no limits. I also got my first toothbrush in which to brush my nearly perfect teeth.

I receive all the love I can absorb by everyone around me, even our Basset Hound Monty. I have gained confidence on my journey and also gained some spectacular friends, something I never had before. I have plenty of freedom so I don’t feel trapped…it’s just great!

A whole new world is flashing before my eyes, endless opportunities in sight; you just need the strength and ambition to achieve. The life I have now is fantastic, I couldn’t ask for anything better. I am a very happy, confident girl with an amazing carer, a beautiful dog, fantastic friends, perfect education and above all a comfy princess bed.

I am proud to call myself a foster child as it reminds me that I am one of the lucky ones and I appreciate everything that I have.

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