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International Youth Day

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said recently: “The hopes of the World rest on young people. Peace, economic dynamism, social justice, tolerance — all this and more, today and tomorrow, depends on tapping into the power of youth.”

International Youth Day first began in 1999 as a national day to acknowledge the role of young men and women as essential partners in change. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness around the challenges the youth of today face.

In fostering children of all diverse backgrounds can experience forms of adversity, neglect and abuse. It’s our job and responsibility to ensure that we provide loving stable homes that teach them to do the best they can no matter their walk of life. We are there to help provide them with prosperous futures and give them all the skills and experience to become the change they want to be.

Here at FCA, we’re celebrating International Youth Day with all the different ways we encourage and support our children and young people. We celebrate all of our children’s’ achievements annually with activities, awards, fun days, regular competitions and acknowledgements of success.

Here are some of the activities we hold.

Independent Living Skills Weekend

We do this workshop regionally and make a weekend trip of it. Helping and supporting children and young people by building their independent skills to prepare them for adult life. Simple things such as financial budgeting, shopping, team building and having a good time

Your Choice Own It workshop

Firmly believing in all young people needing to receive good quality sex and relationship education, which plays a broader part of person, social and economic health education. Continually we have to evolve our training to cover the issues that many of our young people may face and to ensure they are relevant to help them develop important life skills, resilience and self-confidence alongside improving their knowledge on key topics.

Knitting a change

A working group of carers and staff coming together to Knit blanket to donate to Homeless charities. This idea was provided by one of our looked after children and their overall vision is to create blankets to give to welcome young people coming into a placement with us to show we all want to share warmth and love.

These are just a handful of things we do here at FCA. We understand how important it is to nurture, support and continue to work with the youth and children of today, as we are building them
to provide a better future for themselves and others around them.

Happy International Youth Day!

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