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Parent and child specialist fostering placements

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Single carer Mary has been fostering with FCA for three years, but collectively has 10 years of fostering experience in total.

Mary specialises in parent and child placements, where often a mother and their child are placed in a foster home environment. Commonly the local authority requires an assessment to be carried out that helps to determine the outcome about the child’s longer-term plans. Foster carers like Mary receive specialist training and together with a team of experts offer advice, guidance and support to give the parents the best possible chance of remaining a family unit.

Regularly attending the support groups held by FCA, Mary said she finds they are really useful and a good place to network and share experiences with other foster carers. Parent and child placements can be challenging as carers may be required to collect and document evidence to present to the local authority or the courts. Her advice to anyone contemplating fostering is to consider the different types of fostering options, for example, there are parent and child, long/short term and respite placements. It is vital for foster carers to be resilient, positive and be able to adapt to changing situations. For Mary, she is proud of her fostering achievements and no matter the type of placement the child’s welfare is paramount.

If you’d like to talk through the different types of fostering to find out more about what they involve, please get in contact with us.

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