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Our Advice To New Foster Carers

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Simone & Adriane from FCA Thames Valley wanted to share their advice for new foster carers. Here is what they had to say.

Receiving Your Referral

Keep an open mind, don’t make assumptions. When you receive a referral, it can sound daunting, hearing some of the experiences or behaviours the child or young person has been through or displayed. Listen to the referral and ask as many questions as you can. I remember when I received the referral for my 15-year-old foster son, I was told he had a number of placements previously. I remember thinking, “oh my goodness, a teenage boy, who has had a number of placements, am I going to be able to support him? Will he settle? Is he going to be aggressive?”

The Next Steps

I thought about it and then went back to the placements team and asked for some more information. It turned out that three of them had been temporary placements and the plan had been for him to move on; it was only the last placement that had broken down. Still nervous, I aired my concerns with our Supervising Social Worker and discussed how we would support him. Together, we put a plan in place and agreed to write our Safer Caring Policies with this in mind.

The Outcome

He has now been with us for a year and a half and he is an absolute dream young person. He’s polite, caring, loving and works hard at school. We are so glad we agreed to him being placed with us. Our pre-conceived ideas about what a teenage boy would be like have completely disappeared. We love that he is now a member of our family.

If you’re interested in making the difference Simone and Adrienne have, get in touch , we would love to speak to you.

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