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North East Bronze, Silver and Going for Gold! Duke of Edinburgh Fun

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The summer term was incredibly busy for Duke of Edingburgh (DofE) at FCA North East, with qualifying expeditions for the Bronze Award and the North East’s first Silver Awards!

We had a very successful Bronze Qualifier Expedition with all nine participants passing.  We split them into two groups and they all showed exceptional teamwork. Despite the very hot weather they kept their spirits high by joking and larking around. One of our young people stated that their favourite part of the DofE was having to work together with their new friends and people they hardly knew to overcome the challenges they faced on the expedition. Such as setting up the tents and trying to navigate their way through various terrain.   Overall our DofE Bronze Qualifying Expedition was a great two days which I’m sure our young people won’t forget.

On to Silver
For the young people that achieved their Bronze Award last year, the Silver Award was their target this year and they all passed successfully. It was a pleasure to see them all overcome challenges and at the end they all felt proud of what they had achieved.  Our Registered Manager, Neil Morris joined us for the first day and night of our three day expedition and it will be the last! He is barred for burning a hole in one of the pans.

One young person reflected “the best part of the expedition was getting a bit lost and confused then trying to read the map, but there was a big sense of achievement when we finally reached the campsite that night.”

It was great to see participants showing their knowledge of the different parts of the expedition and also working so well in their teams. The experience is tough and challenging, but an amazing and beneficial opportunity for all of our young people.  Next year we’re looking forward to achieving Bronze, Silver and GOING FOR GOLD!!!

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