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Men who foster

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Up and down the country Children and Young People have a lack of positive male role models in their lives (Whether they are in care or not). At an early age children attend nurseries and children centres which has a predominately female work force; as they get older primary schools and high schools are also the same; predominately female. At FCA we have a positive opportunity to address this issue for our Children and Young People.

We have a strong number of male staff in the North West and more importantly we have a massive number of male foster carers (Main and Secondary Carers). We have an amazing opportunity to support children and young people in this aspect of their lives and to do so we want to provide Male Carers with additional support mechanisms to assist.

In the North West we will be running a number of male carer support groups from the September – November (2 in each area team / AM and PM) to help establish a regular groups for 2018.

Male support groups will be utilised to provide;


Male carer groups are basically underpinned by Safer Care Practice and therefore the discussions we have will also be useful for any foster carer therefore we will always send a de-brief out, following the male support groups, to all our foster carers ensuring that all can benefit from the group.

As a starting point a number of male carers and staff played Foot / Golf. The weather wasn’t the kindest as we all got soaked however there was lots of laughing and good sportsmanship even if a few people appeared to forget how to count (Martyn Shaw J). The winner was Michael Stanway – Male Carer from the Lancaster Team.

Before Kick Off

































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