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Meet foster carers Yasmin and Neville

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Meet Yasmin and Neville from the Midlands who have been fostering with FCA for eight years.

Their 12 year old foster child who has Down Syndrome and Autism has been with them for the past four years.  During this time he has really developed and progressed immensely.  He has flourished to become a much more outgoing and confident young person.  He is now enjoying school and is attending on a regular basis.  More recently, he was awarded the prestigious honour of ‘star of the week’.

To communicate with their foster child Yasmin and Neville have learnt Makaton.  Makaton is a language programme which uses a range of signs, symbols and speech to aid communication.  At home there are signs and a book of symbols that can be used to help Yasmin and Neville understand his needs and what he wants or requires at any given time removing any frustration.

Over the past few years, Yasmin and Neville, together with their family (three grown up children and a teenager) have built up a good relationship and rapport with their foster child’s birth family, ensuring there is regular and consistent contact.  Their eldest daughter is also part of their extended support network, offering assistance when required.

Looking back over their fostering journey Yasmin, Neville and their family have made significant and positive changes to the children and young people in their care.

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