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“After a few days of being in foster care, I realised I felt safe for the first time in my whole life.”

Posted by J, aged 9 on 12th, June, 2015
Relevant tags: #fosteringstories #thamesvalley

As told by a foster child. I was really scared when I was told I was going into foster care. My stepdad told me that in care I would have to do lots of jobs and would get no pocket money, no sweets, and no telly. None of this turned out to be true.

I thought it was all my fault that my family was being split up.

After a few days of being in care, I realised I felt safe for the first time in my whole life. My foster carer taught me so many things; she taught me and my sister to be kind to each other. She taught me and helped me to stay away from people who made me feel sad. She taught me that it is OK to feel good about myself and my achievements.

We had so many cool, amazing days out and I got to be friends with lots of cool, fun people.

She helped me find a long term foster family.

So being in foster care saved my life really because I don’t want to die anymore.

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